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I'm Oli Knowles — a designer, artist and all-round creative person with a first-class degree in Fine Art. I love learning about a client and gaining an insight into their passions, and understanding them is of great importance to me. Whether this leads to an illustration with a nod to a conversation we've had, or a project that incorporates a quirk I've noticed, my main aim is to make something truly unique and personal for a client. My passion is for clean, simple and yet minimalist designs, and encompassing a story through graphics is important to me.


My love of early 20th-century posters is conveyed in my artwork. I particularly appreciate the skill of the artists to distil a place or event by removing the unnecessary elements. This age of the travel poster celebrated exploration and showcased the wonder offered by plane and steam, and I aim for my illustrations to recapture this time and to highlight the beauty and diversity of regions.


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