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Here you will find images of commissioned working ranging from holiday mementos to a wedding gift of a poster of the wedding venue and date of the ceremony . What I love about these posters is that the people who commissioned these image spoke so fondly about their travels and about what the location they had in mind for the image meant to them and about the fun they had there exploring the city or for witnessing the spectacle of the Northern lights . 

 Postcode  Portraits & Wedding Gifts

You could also commission a Postcode Portrait of your first home, new home, business premises or just a location that has meaning to you. If you are looking for an anniversary gift, are getting married or know others who are about to, you can give them a poster of their wedding venue, complete with the date and names to truly remember the day.

Please head over to my Create a Commission page to explore the process, or simply contact me below about what you have in mind.

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