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Welcome to Oli Knowles Design

I'm designer Oli Knowles - thanks for visiting my site. As you can tell, I'm passionate about clean and modern illustration. Check back regularly for updates on my work and exhibitions, or subscribe to my mailing list for info straight to your inbox

Images of Southampton and the surrounding area.  A celebration of heritage and architecture acting as a homage to the age of travel posters.

The S·O Series

Quilliam Property

The creation of the Quilliam collection and the Lighthouse lamp.

Yuppie Travels

Brand identity for an up and coming Travel start-up company.


A selection of commissioned posters.



Dev Sharma
Yuppie Travels


Thanks! Message sent.


I liked that Oli didn't just think of it as ‘another job’ but rather, engaged in the business venture and suggested some really interesting possibilities. Oli has been great to work with, he has used his vast experience to suggest and develop ideas that I couldn't have possibly have begun to think of.


Tel : 07769 157 126



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