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In devising ideas for refurbishment of the Quilliam Property Services interiors, I was inspired to create a sculptural light fixture to draw people into the office. This manifested into a Victorian town house figurine (modelled on counterparts from the local area) to be lit from within .


The house was designed using CAD software, and this blueprint was used in laser cutting and etching the wooden pieces. A local wood turner created the lamp's base from mahogany, and this was complimented by the brass light stand used. The model was then topped with a glass dome.


I had a lot of fun making this bespoke piece, and it has truly revitalised the space.

The Quilliam


This project saw the creation of a series of posters highlighting numerous locations in and around Brentford. Julia Quilliam, owner of Quilliam Property Services, was inspired by my London prints and wanted images that celebrated Brentford's heritage and culture, commissioning an initial 10 and then a further six works.


I was originally drawn to the project as my style echoed that of the redevelopment of a local building being furnished with a mid-century feel. The prints were heavily inspired by posters of the 20th century, aiming to capture the same sense of wonder that they encompassed. These offered a window into a far-flung place with a heavily stylised, dreamlike quality, distilling the essence of a location into a single frame in a way that I believe only an illustration can achieve.


This series was a joy to create, teaching me more about the vibrant area.

Quilliam Property

The Lighthouse


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