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Brand identity and logos

Yuppie Travels

For the quilliam project I was tasked to create a series of posters highlighting the various locations in and around Brentford where their offices are based . Julia Quilliam , the owner of the company had seen my London series prints and wanted to create posters that showcased what the town had to offer in terms of heritage and culture . Initially they asked for 10 posters but as they seemed so successful another 6 were further commissioned. These posters were a joy to create as I got to know more about Brentford as a whole and also hear from the staff the town  as a whole as I got a real  feeling of their passion for the place.   What drew me to the this project was that my style echoed the redevelopment of one of the buildings in the area as it was being furnished with a mid-century feel .The prints were heavily inspired by the posters of the 20th century as I love the sense of wonder that they brought , they offered a window into a far flung place and had a heavily stylised dream like quality that contained the essence of a place into a single frame which for me only an illustration can do .

Ye Old Bookworms

Whilst designing possible ideas for the office refurbishment, I came across the idea of creating a light fixture that was sculptural and would be something that would draw people into the office. My initial design was drawn up and the items to create were sourced. The main body of the house was designed in CAD software and later laser cut and etched. Later it was painted along with the tree that I made which was attached to the base which I had turned by a local wood turner. The wooden base was then attached to a brass lamp base which complemented the mahogany well. The dome itself referenced the idea of Victorian The house itself was modelled on a Victorian town house which was located in the local area I had a lot of fun making this and it has well and truly brightened up their office along with the prints .

Quincy Estate Agents

Above you will find some images of the branding I had created for Quincy Estate Agents , consequently it wasn’t used but it does show my  purposed vision for their rebranding . My goal was to create a rebrand that felt ; fresh , modern and also luxurious too. In addition I wanted to create a graphic which would be used on all of their marketing material, something that would  have been synonymous with them.

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