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Yuppie Travels co-founders Dev and Lorna commissioned me to create a logo for their unique travel start-up company. The brief was for a fresh and clean design that evoked a sense of adventure and sophistication.


Our discussions gave me an intimate view of the company, and I could tell that Dev and Lorna were passionate about building a sustainable company that promoted more than simply where to stay on your travels — it showed you how to have an adventure.


The final logo encapsulates the idea of sophistication by using a simple suitcase motif. The green-and-blue scheme was a nod to colours synonymous with a globe, or the earth and water.


I enjoyed this project as it allowed me a hand in conveying the identity of a brand-new company. The images above show the use of the logo, both on the Yuppie Travels website and on the videos showcasing the pair's stylish adventures.

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